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Glow Getter Brush

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Introducing Our Glow Getter Dry Brush - Your New Skincare Essential!

Aging gracefully and naturally is a beauty goal we all strive for! Not just any dry brush, this beauty tool is created keeping you in mind - the person who prefers simplicity yet are not ready to compromise on effectiveness. The blend of teak wood and vegan sisal bristles provides a luxurious feel while performing the vital role of exfoliation - removing dead skin cells and revealing your natural, radiant skin beneath.

Dry brushing is a revitalizing skincare ritual that catalyzes skin detoxification. Our dry brush pampers your skin, promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage, both of which are key elements to aging gracefully.

Using Your Klean Rituals Dry Brush:

To begin your Glow Getter ritual with the Klean Rituals Dry Brush, start with dry, bare skin before stepping into the shower. Find a comfortable and quiet space to stand, holding the brush firmly but gently. With long, upward strokes, move from your feet towards your heart, applying light to medium pressure. Ensure each part of your body receives attention, but be mindful around sensitive areas. Do not use the brush on your face. Follow up with a shower to cleanse away exfoliated skin cells and indulge your skin with your favorite moisturizer.


While dry brushing offers numerous benefits, there are a few precautions to keep in mind. Avoid using the brush over open wounds, cuts, or irritated skin—wait until these areas heal. Exercise extra gentleness on sensitive areas, such as the breasts. It's recommended to dry brush 2-3 times a week to prevent over-irritation.

Caring for Your Dry Brush:

After each use, give the brush a good shake to remove loose skin cells. For a deeper clean, wash the bristles with mild soap and lukewarm water every few weeks. Allow the brush to air dry completely before storing it in a cool, dry place. For added protection and convenience, store your dry brush in the Recycled Washable Cotton Klean Rituals Canvas Bag provided.

Incorporate these simple steps into your routine to make the most of your Klean Rituals GLOW GETTER Dry Brush, turning self-care into a revitalizing experience tailored to your needs.


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